Maxwell (unit)

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Physical unit
Unit name Maxwell
Unit symbol
Physical quantity (s) Magnetic river
system Electromagnetic CGS unit system , Gaussian CGS unit system
In SI units ,
In CGS units
Named after James Clerk Maxwell
Derived from Gauss , centimeters
See also: Weber

The Maxwell ( unit symbol : Mx, after James Clerk Maxwell ), formerly also known as Line (unit symbol: li), is the outdated cgs unit of magnetic flux .

1 Mx: = 1 cm 3/2 g 1/2 s −1 = 1 Gs · cm²

In 1935, at a conference in Scheveningen , the IEC defined the unit symbol "Mx" for the Maxwell, previously the symbol "M" was common.

The Maxwell is no longer an officially valid unit since January 1, 1978, it is replaced today by the SI unit Weber  (Wb):

1 Mx = 10 −8 Wb

Individual evidence

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