Erg (unit)

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Physical unit
Unit name erg
Unit symbol
Physical quantity (s) Energy (e.g. work , internal energy , heat )
Formula symbol
system CGS system of units
In SI units
In CGS units
Derived from dyn , centimeters

The erg ( unit symbol : erg; from Greek ἔργον , ergon , work ) is a unit of measurement in the CGS system of units for energy . The unit is widely used in astrophysics and sometimes mechanics .

Except for a power of ten, the erg corresponds to the unit joule , which is common in the MBS- based International System of Units (SI) :

Considering the dimensions of the energy provides a dimension

energy = Force x length
= Mass · acceleration · length
= Mass (length / time) 2

and therefore the unit in the cgs system

with the Dyn .

In Germany, the Erg is no longer a legal unit since January 1, 1978 .

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