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Physical unit
Unit name Stilb
Unit symbol
Physical quantity (s) Luminance
Formula symbol
system CGS system of units
In SI units
Named after greek stilbein , "shiny"
Derived from Candela , square meter
See also: Apostilb , Blondel

The stilb ( sb ) is an outdated unit of luminance in non-self-luminous bodies and has not been an official unit of measurement since January 1st, 1978 .

The word is derived from the Greek word stilbein (to shine) and was coined around 1920 by André-Eugène Blondel . While the North American region preferred more pictorial terms such as “ candles per square meter”, the Stilb remained in use in Europe until the Second World War .

The stilb corresponds - with one factor - to the SI unit cd / :

with for the nit .

More conversions

The apostilb or blondel was used as a subunit for self-luminous bodies :


  • for the scot
  • for the Lambert
  • for the foot
  • for the footlambert .


Individual evidence

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