Gamma (unit)

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Physical unit
Unit name gamma
Unit symbol
Physical quantity (s) Magnetic flux density
system Electrostatic CGS unit system , Gaussian CGS unit system
In CGS units
Derived from Gauss

The gamma ( unit symbol γ) was a unit of magnetic flux density used together with the Gauss in the Gaussian CGS system and in the electrostatic CGS system . Like the Gauss, it has ceased to be a legal entity in the Federal Republic of Germany on July 5, 1970. It was replaced by the SI unit Tesla :

The gamma is still sometimes u. a. Used in geomagnetics or applied geophysics and in astrophysics because the magnetic anomalies on the earth's surface and in interstellar space are between 0.1 and a few thousand γ.


The “≙” character in the above equation indicates that it is not always a simple conversion of units of measure. In the Gaussian system of units and in electromagnetic CGS systems, unlike in the SI, the magnetic flux density ( B ) and magnetic field strength ( H ) are of the same dimension ; in a vacuum they match.