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Mehmet Altınsoy (* 1924 in Aksaray ; † February 17, 2007 in Ankara ) was a Turkish politician. From 1984 to 1989 he was mayor of Ankara and twice minister of state .


Altınsoy studied law at Ankara University and settled as a lawyer after graduation. After the military coup in 1960 , he began to get involved politically. As a nationally conservative politician, he was a member of the Cumhuriyetçi Köylü Millet Partisi (1961–1969), the Demokratik Parti (1973–1977), the Anavatan Partisi (1984–1989), the Refah Partisi (1995–1998) and the Fazilet Partisi ( 1998–1998). 1999).

In 1961 he became a member of the Constituent Assembly and was then a member of the Turkish National Assembly until October 1969 . In 1965 he became Minister of State in the cabinet of Suat Hayri Ürgüplü . In 1983 he founded the Anavatan Partisi together with Turgut Özal and others. A year later he became mayor of Ankara and was able to implement important infrastructure projects during his term of office until 1989 with the help of the Turkish government under Özal. In 1996/97 he was again Minister of State under Necmettin Erbakan .

Altınsoy died on February 17, 2007. He was buried in the Karşıyaka Cemetery in Ankara.

Altınsoy was married to Necla Altınsoy (1928-2001), the daughter of the politician Ahmet Hamdi Akseki .

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