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The Men's Physique is a bodybuilding class established by the IFBB since 2011 . It consists of a new set of rules for the stage presentation of the athlete , as well as new criteria for the evaluation of the body. The six-time Men's Physique IFBB Pro Matthew Acton described the criteria as “Quality shape density and aesthetics”, which means muscle maturity, holistic body structure and overall aesthetics ( proportions , symmetry , posture ). The organizations DBFV , NAC and GNBF can be considered as German organizers .

Social development

With Men's Physique , the fitness and bodybuilding industry is responding to social change and attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle and an aesthetic body. This has changed in the course of the last 30 years after the "golden bodybuilding era" in connection with technical progress and knowledge ( steroid abuse), a higher gym density, more time and money in the general population , as well as more easily propagated through social media higher standards and thus increased demands on your own body.

Evaluation criteria

Accordingly, the “perfect look” of the respective “Winning Physique” is based on the ideal of a model on the cover of a contemporary fitness magazine. It should be about a healthy, fresh “look” that is achievable and looks like lifestyle . According to the prevailing opinion, the shoulder-to-waist ratio plays a fundamental role in the success of the sport.

Furthermore, it is about full round shoulders in 3D optics, full, plump chest muscles , back muscles recognizable with contours and shading , pronounced abdominal muscles (especially "abdominals" and "external obliques"), as well as a low (5–7%, not less than 5%) body fat percentage .

Due to the obligation to wear board shorts, the thigh muscles are only visible indirectly. This is essential for a "streamlined" look and a healthy physique . The presence and presentation of the calf muscles that complete the X-Frame are therefore all the more noticeable .

Individual evidence

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