Attack in Würzburg in 2021

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Attack in Würzburg in 2021
Attack in Würzburg 2021 (Germany)
(49 ° 47 ′ 38.08 ″ N, 9 ° 57 ′ 4.36 ″ E)
place Old Town (Würzburg)
date June 25, 2021, approx. 5:00 p.m. ( CEST )
aim Civilians
dead 3
Injured 5+

In the attack in Würzburg in 2021 , a 24-year-old perpetrator stabbed people with a knife on June 25, 2021, first in a department store and then on the street in Würzburg's old town . He killed three people and seriously injured others.


Sequence of events

Woolworth branch on Barbarossaplatz; before 2011

According to the investigators' findings, the attacker is said to have asked a saleswoman in a Woolworth department store on June 25, 2021 around 5 p.m. where the knives were on display. There he took a knife and stabbed the saleswoman and then other people in the department store on Barbarossaplatz , killing three people. He then continued the attacks on the street and in the savings bank branch across the street. Here there was a confrontation with several passers-by who defended themselves against the man with chairs, umbrellas, rucksacks and brooms. Finally, the police were able to stop the suspect with a targeted shot in the leg.

Compared to the "Bild" newspaper, the son of one of the seriously injured said that his mother wanted to meet a friend after she had gotten money. "Tumult" could already be heard outside. When they want to run to the tram stop, the perpetrator stabbed. "The perpetrator had stabbed her about 13 times and missed her main pulse artery by only millimeters," said the 56-year-old son. "Otherwise my mother would be dead now." The seriously injured woman was operated on and is conscious again.

According to the report, another case took place in the Woolworth department store. There a mother threw herself between the attacker and her daughter in order to save her life. However, the mother was killed and the daughter seriously injured.


According to the police, it is a 24-year-old Somali named Abdirahman JA, born in Mogadishu, who came to Germany during the refugee crisis in May 2015 and applied for asylum . He received subsidiary protection and resided legally in Germany. At first he lived in Saxony until he moved to Würzburg in September 2019. There he lived in a shelter for the homeless in the Zellerau district .

The suspect has no criminal record, but has been suspected a few times. About a month before the crime, he briefly received forcible psychiatric treatment after he had forced a car to stop and sat in it and did not want to get out of the car. After a day he was released because the doctors saw no harm to himself or others. In January 2021, he threatened an employee in the homeless shelter with a knife, whereupon he was also admitted to psychiatry after a police operation. A tip from another asylum seeker that the suspect had committed crimes in Somalia at the age of 12 was followed up without result.

The day after the crime, the suspect was issued an arrest warrant for murder in three cases, attempted murder in six cases and dangerous bodily harm in one case. The investigation also includes the question of whether there could have been neglect of psychiatric treatment, for example whether the suspect should not have been permanently treated as an in-patient.

The investigation also focuses on the suspect's motives. According to an internal official note, after his arrest, Abdirahman JA testified that he had carried out his " jihad " by the act . A department store detective stated that the suspect shouted " Allahu Akbar " during the crime . This gives the investigators evidence of an Islamist motive. The police also said that hate messages on paper had been found in the suspect's accommodation. So far, however, there are no indications of contacts with militant Salafists. The public defender of the suspect stated that he had not yet been able to identify any Islamist motive in his client.


Flowers in memory of the victims

According to information from the German Press Agency , three people were killed and seven people injured. All three fatalities were women. Six women were seriously injured in the knife attack, at least two of them were life-threatening, and one male was slightly injured. The fatalities were born in 1939, 1972 and 1996. Women born in 1964, 1981, 1994 and 2010 were injured in the store. Two women were injured outside the store (born 1974 and 2005).


Joachim Herrmann , Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, spoke of a brutal murder. Markus Söder announced a mourning flag.

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