Mikhail Ivanovich Skotti

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Kuzma Minin and Dmitri Michailowitsch Poscharski on a painting by Skottis

Mikhail Ivanovich Skotti ( Russian Михаил Иванович Скотти ; * 1812 in Saint Petersburg , † 1861 in Paris ) was a Russian painter of Italian origin. He mainly worked with oil paints , watercolors and pencils .

Skotti began his painting career at Karl Brjullow's drawing school . As early as 1831 and 1832, Skotti was awarded two silver medals at the Russian Art Academy because of his talent . Before he moved to Italy in 1838, one of his works also received an award.

On his return five years later, Skotti visited Constantinople and was finally employed in a Moscow academy in 1849.


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