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Microdiorite is an often dark vein rock from the diorite - tonalite family. In older literature the term dioritic porphyrite appears occasionally . Microdiorites were also commonly referred to as lamprophyres .

Structure and mineral inventory

Microdiorites are non-porphyry dykes that have a composition of diorites. They are mostly mesocrate to melanocrate rocks and have a largely uniform fine-grain structure.

In their mineral inventory they have plagioclase and amphibole . The demarcation to the gabbroid and granodioritic gangue rocks is made according to the specifications for plutonites and the mineral stock.


Microdiorites occur as intrusive rocks in many crystalline complexes.

Important German deposits are located in the Lusatian Mountains , which were the subject of intensive mining activities for paving stones and building stones. Further deposits are in the Brno massif (part of the Bohemian massif / Moravosilica ). The Dolní Kounice microdiorite obtained there is used for crushed products and stone .


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