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Miroslav Verner (2013)

Miroslav Verner (born October 31, 1941 in Brno ) is a Czech Egyptologist .

Professional Activities

Miroslav Verner has been working at the Czech Egyptological Institute at Charles University in Prague since 1966 , since 1993 as professor and director. He was visiting professor at the Universities of Vienna and Hamburg and the American University in Cairo .

Verner had been working as an archaeologist since 1964 and from 1975 headed the Czech excavations in Abusir . In 1998, under his leadership, a team of archaeologists from the Czech Egyptological Institute discovered the intact grave of priest Iufaa .

In 2005 Verner became head of the research project "Investigation of the civilization of Ancient Egypt". The project examined the development of Egyptian society throughout its history and ran from 2005 to 2011.

Verner is a member of the German Archaeological Institute , the UNESCO Committee for Egyptian Antiquities and the Board of Directors of the International Association of Egyptologists .


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