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Modern Creative is a jazz style that combines elements of modern jazz styles such as fusion , bop and free jazz with elements of contemporary styles such as funk , pop and rock .

Modern Creative is seen as a contemporary form of creative music , which is seen as "a further development of free jazz". It makes a claim to art and takes an anti-commercial stance. The All Music Guide therefore defines as follows: Musicians of the modern creative continue to follow the tradition of free jazz and work in free playing styles in structured forms - or simply play over everything.

Modern Creative came about through the diverse stylistic means available to musicians today. "The musical achievements of free jazz have now been brought under control as building blocks and mixed with other elements, the forms shortened and planned, the formerly overcrowded structure cleared, ventilated and made audible." Many contemporary jazz musicians have developed such different personal improvisation languages. These musicians can be attributed to the style of modern creative.

The modern creative musicians are individual, multiflexible stylists of jazz.

Some longstanding protagonists as examples

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