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General information
Genre (s) Death metal , thrash metal , black metal
founding 1985
resolution 1988
Founding members
Per Yngve Ohlin (Dead) (until 1987)
John Hagström (Gehenna) (until 1987)
Marcus Klack (Klacke) (until 1986)
Mats Gonzales (Slator) (until 1986)
Sandro Cajandar (until 1986)
Last occupation
Johann Scarisbrick (1987–1988)
Uffe Cederlund (Napoleon Pukes) (1987–1988)
Jens Nasström
Lars-Göran "LG" Petrov

Morbid was a Swedish metal band that only released two demo recordings and is still considered one of the most influential early bands in the death metal music genre .

Band history

Slator and Per Yngve Ohlin , called Dead, founded the band in 1985 under the name "Scapegoat". According to some band members, Slator never rehearsed with the group. After changing line-ups, a viable line-up was established in 1987 with John Hagström (guitar), TG from the punk band “The Sun” (guitar) and Jens Näsström (bass) and the band changed its name to “Morbid”. Nicke Anderson was supposed to join the band as a drummer. The band declined, however, because Anderson wore a t-shirt from the American thrash metal band Wehrmacht during the rehearsal . This was not "true" enough for the rest of the band members. Lars-Göran "LG" Petrov , one of his best friends, eventually took over the role of drums. Uffe Cederlund, another friend of Anderson and Petrov, later replaced TG, who had written much of the song material but wanted to continue to focus on his main band, The Sun.

The group worked hard to create an image that was as malicious and hostile as possible. The first demo December Moon came about on December 5th and 6th, 1987. John Hagström then left the group. Founding member Ohlin also left the group for Norway, where he joined Mayhem . Johan Scarisbrick came for Ohlin, a photographer who made contact with the then relatively unknown Sunlight Studio. The second demo Last Supper was created there under the direction of Tomas Skogsberg , but it remained quite unknown. The band then decided to quit.

Petrov then founded Nihilist and then Entombed together with Nicke Anderson . Per Yngve Ohlin sang with Mayhem for a few more years, but ended his life in 1991.


The harsh and aggressive Death / Thrash Metal of Morbid served as the nucleus for the careers of Lars-Göran Petrov and Uffe Cederlund, who would later found Entombed. Per Yngve Ohlin achieved cult status as the singer of Mayhem, not least because of his suicide. In the wake of the black metal explosion in the early 1990s, calls for material from morbid became loud; Ohlin himself had also seen Morbid as a black metal band. Initially, bootleggers satisfied the need for material, the most famous bootleg is likely to be the split LP / CD A Tribute to the Black Emperors with Mayhem. Over the years some semi-official, strictly limited releases, such as the Best-of Deathexecution (1995) and the live album Live in Stockholm , were released.


The list of official publications before 2010 is based on Ekeroth (2009).

  • 1987: Live from the Past (Rehearsal-Tape)
  • 1987: Dark Execution (Rehearsal-Tape)
  • 1987: December Moon (demo)
  • 1988: Last Supper (demo)
  • 1994: December Moon (LP)
  • 2001: Death Execution III (7``)
  • 2002: Live in Stockholm (LP)
  • 2010: Ancient Morbidity (12 "-EP, supplement to the Slayer -Fanzine)
  • 2011: Year of the Goat (compilation of old rehearsal recordings)



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