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Entombed AD at the Rockharz Open Air 2016
Entombed AD at the Rockharz Open Air 2016
General information
Genre (s) Death Metal , Death 'n' Roll
founding 1989
Website www.entombed.org
Founding members
Lars-Göran "LG" Petrov (until 1991, 1992-2013)
Alex Hellid
Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund (until 2005, since 2016)
Nicke Andersson (until 1997, since 2016)
Current occupation
Alex Hellid
Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund (until 2005, since 2016)
Nicke Andersson (until 1997, since 2016)
former members
Orvar Säfström (1991)
Johnny Dordevic (1991-1992)
David Blomqvist (1989)
Lars Rosenberg (1990-1995)
Jörgen Sandström (1995-2004)
Peter Stjärnvind (1997-2006)
Nico Elgstrand (2004-2013)
Victor Brandt (2010-2013)
Olle Dahlstedt (2006-2013)

Entombed [ ɛntuːmd ] (English for buried 'or' Buried ') is a Swedish death metal - band from Stockholm , in 1989 the band Nihilist emerged.


1987 to 1992

Hellid live in 2007
Alex Hellid 2007

Founding members of Nihilist were the then 15-year-old later Entombed members Nicke Andersson and Alex Hellid, as well as bassist Leif “Leffe” Cuzner. In changing line-ups, with Ulf “Uffe” Cederlund on guitar, singer Lars-Göran Petrov and Johnny Hedlund (bass, later with Unleashed ), a total of three demos were recorded. Only Shreds Remain, recorded in December 1988 with Tomas Skogsberg in the Sunlight Studio , was already circulating in European metal tape trader circles, which at the time were more dominated by British and American bands. During an appearance on the opening act for Napalm Death in Stockholm, the band gave a demo copy to a representative of Earache Records , where Entombed later signed. After the recordings of the Drowned demo, which was followed by Hedlund's exit in August 1989, Nihilist broke up and re-founded as Entombed a little later.

In the line-up of Andersson, Cederlund and Petrov, the band recorded the first demo under the new name Entombed on September 23, 1989 with But Life Goes On again in the Sunlight Studio with Skogsberg. David Blomquist could now also be heard on bass, but he returned to Dismember after the demo recordings . Alex Hellid only came back after the recordings. A few months later, in December 1989, Entombed worked again in their usual studio with Skogsberg on the debut album Left Hand Path , which contained largely revised nihilist pieces. After the album, on which Andersson and Cederlund share the bass tracks, Lars Rosenberg joined the band as a new bass player. The album, released in June 1990, received good reviews and was later referred to as a "death metal classic" and a "reference work in matters of Swedish death metal". The video for the title track also received airplay , u. a. at MTV's Headbangers Ball .

The second album Clandestine was released in November 1991. It was preceded by dissonances between drummer Andersson and singer Petrov, whereupon the latter had to leave the band. Initially, Entombed believed they had found a replacement in Orvar Säfström von Nirvana 2002 , who recorded the Crawl EP published in early 1991 . Nicke Andersson described the release as "not really entombed" and shortly afterwards took over the vocals on Clandestine himself. Johnny Dordevic, who was briefly engaged by his friends Carnage while production was running, could bring in little more than his name in the CD booklet and the appearance in the video for Stranger Aeons , because on the Gods of Grind tour with label colleagues Carcass , Cathedral and Confessor In 1992, Petrov was brought back. On this tour, on March 18 of that year, the show was recorded, which can be seen on the later released live CD or DVD Monkey Puss .

1993 to 1999

After the Gods of Grind tour, the band made a change in their songwriting towards rockier tracks with catchier structures. At the end of 1992 / beginning of 1993 the album Wolverine Blues was created , which was announced by the previously published Hollowman EP before it was released in October 1993. The EP already contained an instrumental version of the title track of the upcoming album as well as the instrumental Hellraiser , which is based on the music of Christopher Young and samples from the film of the same name . A European tour with Napalm Death followed in 1994. In 1995 the band separated from bassist Lars Rosenberg after he preferred a tour with Therion to a gig with Entombed in Hultsfred . The in Grave who quit Jörgen Sandström replaced him.

The fact that almost four years passed before the release of the next album in spring 1997 was due to the change of label in the meantime. Entombed sold around 200,000 units per album at that time, which aroused the desires of larger record companies. The band initially signed with EastWest - but this partnership was unsuccessful because the record company did not release the new record. Entombed first had to buy back the rights to the songs and then released the album on the self-founded label Threeman Recordings, with various sales deals, among others. a. by Music for Nations . Also To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth received positive feedback, but drummer Nicke Andersson devoted himself after the publication of his plate already founded three years earlier band The Hellacopters and Entombed left. Although Peter Stjärnvind found a replacement on the drums, Andersson's songwriting qualities could not be compensated immediately, which was particularly evident in 1998 on the studio album Same Difference , which was first produced not by Tomas Skogsberg but by Daniel Rey . The band's first live CD, Monkey Puss: Live in London , was also released in 1998 and was also released on DVD in 2001, a recording from the Astoria in London .

The same-difference album was followed in 1999 by the cover EP Black Juju , released on Man's Ruin Records , which transformed the title track by Alice Cooper and songs by Bob Dylan , Twisted Sister and The Dwarves into the Entombed style. The last four tracks were released on the European Wreckage EP 1997, which accompanied the To-Ride album.

The 2000s

In 2000 the band went back to their roots with Uprising . The record was recorded in autumn 1999 in just 18 days at Das Boot Studios in Stockholm with Nico Elgstrand . The songwriting criticized on the previous album, which has now been largely taken over by Cederlund, was rated by critics as more successful than on the previous album.

The move back to metal followed Morning Star (September 2001). Some reviewers spoke of the "rebirth of a metal legend" and a "worthy successor" to the Wolverine Blues . The self-produced record was recorded again with Nico Elgstrand.

In March 2002, Entombed held an unusual concert: in collaboration with the performance artists Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyberb, ballet dancers danced to the band's brutal live music at the Royal Stockholm Opera House . The CD Unreal Estate , a recording of this artistic experiment, was only released in 2004 and is considered the best-selling Entombed CD in Germany. In 2002 a compilation double album was also released with the title Sons of Satan Praise the Lord , which included cover versions from the period between 1993 and 1999, including Kiss , King Crimson , Misfits , SOD , Venom , Stiff Little Fingers, among others and Lee Hazlewood .

Nico Elgstrand

Contrary to the expectations of those who had hoped for a death metal return after Morning Star , Inferno leaned back into more rock 'n' roll realms of the uprising album in May 2003 . In contrast, the record produced by Per Gunnerfeldt together with the band was rough and bass-heavy. Quite praised by the critics, it caused some restrained reactions from the fans. Subsequently, the band toured extensively, in Europe with Nine and Disfear , in the USA with King Diamond .

Beginning in January 2004 with bassist Jörgen Sandström, who u. a. with Vicious type a new challenge sought, had to cope with a Entombed bloodletting. For Sandström, the already well-known Nico Elgstrand took up the bass, who already played the Australian tour with Daysend in April 2004, as well as the US tour with Pro-Pain and Crowbar in February 2005. After original member “Uffe” Cederlund with Disfear Had toured and therefore Nicke Andersson stepped in for him temporarily at a festival in Sweden, Uffe had to leave the band in September 2005 due to a lack of engagement. In 2006 the drummer Peter Stjärnvind separated, who wanted to concentrate on Nifelheim . As a replacement, Olle Dahlstedt , previously at Misery Loves Co. , joined the band.

On June 6, 2006 the EP When in Sodom was released, which showed that Entombed also worked with a guitarist, which brought Hellid and Petrov to the fore. Similar to the Hollowman EP in 1993, the self-produced record preceded the actual album Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments , which was released on July 9, 2007. In 2008 Entombed u. a. with Misery Speaks in Europe, in 2009 the band was on tour in Central and South America. a. Germany and Austria to return.

In 2010, Entombed went on a European tour with the rockabilly and metal band Volbeat and the support band The Candidate . In autumn 2010, Victor Brandt joined the band as the new bass player, while Nico Elgstrand switched from bass to second guitar. Entombed had five members again after playing four for five years.

Newer development from 2012

In March 2012, Entombed signed with the Ninetone Records label, on which the single Amok was released in May of the same year . This was a new recording of a song that had already been published on Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments . This recording was the first to be made in the new five-man line-up with Nico Elgstrand on guitar and Victor Brandt on bass, and the band's very first studio recording in over five years. The single was only available as a download, but was released with a cover artwork by Dan Seagrave. Both the cover and the name of the single are a reference to the album of the same name by the Finnish band Sentenced . In June, the Danish label Screaming Records released the single When in Sodom Revisited, which was pressed exclusively on vinyl in four color versions . This contained a version of the title song remastered by Klaus Q Hedegård Nielsen from the EP of the same name from 2006, on which Peter Stjärnvind still played drums. Nielsen also contributed a repetition of When in Sodom under the name Sodom Revisited to the single , which is designed as an intro and stylistically focused on the B-movie themes of Ed Wood with the use of church choir and organ . The release was rounded off by a new band recording, the King Diamond Cover Coming Home , to which Mike Wead (known from Mercyful Fate , King Diamond, Edge of Sanity , The Haunted , Memento Mori , Abstract Algebra , Candlemass and bibleblack ) contributed a solo.

In November 2012 it was announced that Alex Hellid had successfully survived a lengthy operation.

Entombed AD at the Agglutination Metal Festival 2014

At the beginning of 2013, Sweden Rock magazine published its 100th issue, which was accompanied by a split single with two songs by Entombed and Candlemass , in which both bands covered each other. In the summer of 2013, Alex Hellid began to work on the first three studio albums, To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth , Same Difference and Uprising , which were published via Threeman Recordings . The albums are to be re-released as reissues in 2CD / 2LP / 3LP / digital format and on the additional CDs or LPs unreleased demo recordings , rehearsal room sessions, rough mixes, rare songs, as well as a few favorite pieces of the fans of each Album included as a live version. In order to be able to finance the republication, he started a crowdfunding campaign on June 4th via PledgeMusic , in which the fans could transfer the amount for the articles to be published in advance in order to meet the necessary budget. The campaign was successfully completed on September 27th with a more than sufficient budget.

After Hellid officially confirmed in the September issue of the German music magazine Rock Hard that the work on a new album would be tackled as soon as the Threeman reissues were on the market and will probably be released in 2014, it was surprisingly in September 2013, before the end of the Crowdfunding campaign announced the release of an Entombed album called Back to the Front for October 2013 through Century Media . It turned out that this album was recorded by the other members without the involvement of Alex Hellid, so the release was withdrawn and postponed indefinitely. The line-up Petrov / Elgstrand / Dahlstedt / Brandt will now continue to make music with Entombed AD and will also release the album under this name. It is scheduled to appear on March 28, 2014. Alex Hellid will continue to run the band on his own for the time being and has announced a joint appearance with former members Uffe Cederlund and Orvar Säfström on February 1, 2014, where they will play the entire album Clandestine with an orchestra and choir. However, Nicke Andersson was on tour with Imperial State Electric at that time and therefore could not participate. So the band played the concert without drums. In 2016 it was finally announced that Hellid and Cederlund would play live with Andersson again and may even record new material.


Petrov at the Metalmania Festival 2007

On the first two studio albums Left Hand Path and Clandestine , classic Swedish Death Metal still dominated , but on Clandestine it was already enriched with many mid-tempo passages. These albums were already characterized by an unmistakable guitar sound, which the band should keep on later releases. The studio owner and producer Tomas Skogsberg made an important contribution to this, whose Sunlight studio was highly valued for its unique sound and was frequently frequented by international bands.

Since 1993 the band began with the album Wolverine Blues to pick up other influences, for example from the blues and rock 'n' roll , and thus turned to a " groovier " sound (also called " death 'n' roll "), what was a peculiarity in the music landscape of Death Metal at that time ( Gorefest soon did something similar) and frightened some old-school fans. The sound was compared with Motörhead or Discharge , for example , but was produced more similar to metal in terms of guitar and drum sounds. While the shouting on the Wolverine Blues was even closer to Death Metal, To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth contained almost clear, if quite deep, rock vocals for the first time.

Entombed had established itself as part of the “Swedish rock” scene around bands like Backyard Babies or Hellacopters and can be seen in the context of other Scandinavian punk 'n' roll genres like Gluecifer or Turbonegro . However, the following album, Same Difference, also showed typical borrowings from alternative metal or stoner rock , others recognized more traditional influences such as Black Sabbath .

In contrast to this, Uprising seemed faster, rougher and more dynamic again, the punk rock influences came out stronger. LG Petrov's vocals approached the shouting from Wolverine Blues times again. But only after Morning Star did the band go back to their metallic roots. Comparisons with Slayer , Sepultura and Pantera were used, but also with early works such as the Clandestine album. After the studio CD Inferno , which somewhat thwarted this trend , which was compared to Stoner Rock in terms of the raw-looking production with Metallicas St. Anger from the same year, otherwise due to the comparatively slow material, the EP When in Sodom and the album confirmed Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments with their aggressive death metal shouting, however, marked the return of the band in a harder direction of metal in the 2000s.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  SE 44 December 4th, 1991 (2 weeks)
Hollowman (EP)
  SE 26th 05/19/1993 (2 weeks)
Wolverine Blues
  SE 22nd 09/15/1993 (4 weeks)
To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth
  SE 7th 03/14/1997 (7 weeks)
Same difference
  SE 52 11/26/1998 (1 week)
  SE 55 March 16, 2000 (1 week)
Morning Star
  SE 41 09/14/2001 (2 weeks)
  SE 21st 08/15/2003 (4 weeks)
Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments
  SE 3 07/12/2007 (2 weeks)
Clandestine (Live)
  SE 13 21/2019 (1 week)


  • 1989: But Life Goes On

Studio albums

Singles and EPs

  • 1991: Crawl ( EP )
  • 1991: Stranger Aeons (EP)
  • 1993: Hollowman (EP)
  • 1994: Out of Hand (single)
  • 1995: Night of the Vampire ( split single with New Bomb Turks )
  • 1997: Wreckage (EP)
  • 1999: Black Juju (EP)
  • 2006: When in Sodom (EP)
  • 2012: Amok 2012 (download single)
  • 2012: When in Sodom Revisited (Single)
  • 2013: Candlemass vs. Entombed (split single with candlemass)

Live albums and compilations

  • Entombed Singles ( Compilation , 1997)
  • Monkey Puss: Live in London (Live, 1998)
  • Sons of Satan / Praise the Lord (Compilation, 2002)
  • Unreal Estate (Live, 2004)
  • Nihilist (1987-1989) (Compilation, 2005)
  • Clandestine (Live, 2019)



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