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Dismember at Trästock 2005
Dismember at Trästock 2005
General information
Genre (s) Death metal
founding 1988, 2019
resolution 2011
Founding members
David Blomqvist
Guitar, bass , vocals
Robert Sennebäck (until 1998)
Fred Estby (until 2007)
Current occupation
David Blomqvist
Thomas Daun (since 2007)
Matti Kärki (since 1990)
Martin Persson (since 2003)
Tobias Christianson (since 2005)
former members
Sharlee D'Angelo (1998-2000)
Richard Cabeza (1990-1998, 2000-2004)
Johan Bergebäck (2004-2005)
Erik Gustafsson (before 1990)
Magnus Sahlgren (1998-2000)
Robert Sennebäck (before 1990)
Nicke Andersson (first demo; before 1991)

Dismember (of English . To dismember , dissect ',' dismember ') was a Swedish death metal band from Stockholm , which was founded in 1988. It emerged from the band Carnage and, together with the band Entombed, is considered to be one of the style-defining bands of Swedish Death Metal. They broke up in October 2011.


After several demos , Dismember could release their first album Like an Ever Flowing Stream in 1991 . It was released on Nuclear Blast . The album Indecent & Obscene was criticized by youth activists because of the brutal front cover . On the cover is the open torso of the drummer Fred Estby . The Dismember logo is embedded in it. In 1991 the back cover of the first album had already sparked controversy. On it are the band members, covered in blood and bare-chested, on St. Peter and Latin crosses .

The logo was designed by Nicke Andersson ( Nihilist , Entombed , Hellacopters ...).

After the band took a break between 2000 and 2004, a new album was released in 2004 with Where Ironcrosses Grow .

In 2004 the DVD Live Blasphemies was released . In addition to a live concert, it also contains a roughly two-hour biography in the form of interviews and live recordings of older performances.

While many other Scandinavian death metal bands reduced their style a bit in the mid-90s, Dismember always stayed very close to their roots with their releases.

After more than 20 years, the penultimate founding member, drummer Fred Estby, left Dismember at the end of April 2007. According to the official report on the website, Estby wants to spend more time with his family in the future and can therefore no longer be available to the band. He was replaced by Thomas Daun.

On November 22nd, 2008 the band played a special concert on the occasion of their 20th anniversary. Titles from all epochs and albums in the respective line-up were presented chronologically.

In June 2009 the DVD Under Blood Red Skies was released , which includes the performance at the Party.San Festival 2008 as well as extensive documentation with material from the entire history of the band.

In 2011 the band announced that they would break up after 23 years of existence.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Massive killing capacity
  DE 85 08/28/1995 (4 weeks)


  • 1991: Like an Everflowing Stream
  • 1993: Indecent & Obscene
  • 1995: Massive Killing Capacity
  • 1997: Death Metal
  • 2000: Hate Campaign
  • 2004: Where Ironcrosses Grow
  • 2006: The God That Never Was
  • 2008: Dismember


  • 1992: Pieces
  • 1995: Casket Garden
  • 1997: Misanthropic


  • 1988: Dismembered
  • 1989: Last Blasphemies
  • 1989: Rehearsal
  • 1990: Reborn In Blasphemy


  • 1991: Skin Her Alive

Video albums

  • 2004: Live Blasphemies (DVD)
  • 2009: Under Blood Red Skies (2DVD)

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