Muhammad XIII. (Granada)

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Muhammad XIII. Abu Abd Allah "az-Zaghall" ( Arabic أبو عبد الله محمد الزغل, DMG Abū ʿAbd Allāh Muḥammad az-Zaġall , also az-Zagal , 'the brave'; Spanish also El Zagal ) († 1494 ? in Tlemcen ), was one of the last Moorish emirs of Granada from 1485 to 1486 .

He was the son of the emir Said and brother of Abu l-Hasan Ali , whose governor in Malaga he was and whom he initially fought after taking office in 1464. Later he fought in the civil war of Granada on the side of Abu l-Hasan Ali, after he was killed by his son Muhammad XII in 1482 . "Boabdil" had been overthrown from the throne. Abu l-Hasan regained the throne in 1483 after the capture of Boabdil by the Catholic Monarchs , but was overthrown by az-Zaghall in 1485 after suffering severe health problems after a stroke. But this was already in the following year in turn by Muhammad XII. overturned. In 1489 az-Zaghall entered the service of the Catholic Kings. In 1491 he went to Africa, where he was imprisoned by the Sultan of Fez , a friend of Muhammad XII, who ordered him to be blinded . The continued internal disputes in the ruling house of the Nasrid rulers were one of the reasons for the weakening and decline of Moorish rule in Spain, which began in 1492 when Muhammad XII surrendered the Alhambra . to the Catholic Kings came to an end.


  1. Since the existence of Muhammad X is disputed, az-Zaghall is also referred to as Muhammad XII in some genealogies. counted.


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