Said (Granada)

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Said († 1465 ) was from 1454 to 1464 (with a brief interruption in 1462) Emir of Granada .

Said, a grandson of Yusuf II , climbed after the fall of Muhammad XI. (1453–1454) with the help of the Abence collar and Castile the throne of Granada . His government was shaped by the war with Castile that broke out in 1458. This led to severe devastation in the country. As a result of the increased flight of the rural population to the cities, the economy began to decline. This had serious consequences for the financial strength of the Nasrids and their ability to wage war against Castile. Even under Said, Medina-Sidonia and Gibraltar (1462) were conquered by the Castilians, with which the Nasrids lost their last bases on the Strait of Gibraltar .

When Said took action against the Abencerrags in 1462 after the conclusion of an armistice with Castile, they raised Yusuf V. again to the rank of emir. He was able to occupy Málaga and, for a short time, Granada, but not finally assert himself against Said. He was forced to abdicate in 1464 by his own son Abu l-Hasan Ali (1464–1482), as he could no longer successfully defend the country against Castile. Another son of Said, Muhammad XIII. "El Zagal" was also briefly Emir of Granada in the final phase of the Nasrid Empire.


predecessor Office successor
Muhammad XI. Emir of Granada
Yusuf V.
Yusuf V. Emir of Granada
Abu al-Hasan Ali