Flexor carpi radialis muscle

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Flexor carpi radialis muscle
Humerus ( epicondylus medialis humeri )
Base of the 2nd and (less often) 3rd metacarpal bones
Flexor of the wrist
Median nerve from the brachial plexus
Spinal segments
C6, C7

The flexor carpi radialis muscle ( Latin for "spoke-sided hand flexor " or "radial hand flexor ") is a skeletal muscle and is one of the flexors of the superficial layer on the forearm . The pulse of the radial artery ("radial pulse pit") can be felt on the spoke side (radial) of the attachment tendon . It runs through its own tendon sheath canal outside the carpal tunnel .


The flexor carpi radialis muscle and the
palmaris longus muscle - both on the right in the picture - during the resection of a lipoma in the area of ​​the forearm.

The flexor carpi radialis muscle bends the hand in the wrist and is also responsible for the abduction on the spoke side , that is, bending the hand sideways towards the thumb .