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Baby bottles from the NUK range
NUK baby bottles from different decades: (from left to right) wide-neck bottle and screw-top bottle made of Jenaer Glas (late 1960s - 1980s), plastic bottle (1990s), bottles from the product lines "First Choice" (from 2012), "New Classic" and " Nature Sense "(from 2017)

NUK is a brand of MAPA GmbH based in Zeven , Germany, which belongs to the US Jarden Corporation . In 1956 Hanseatische Gummiwarenfabrik GmbH (since 1969 MAPA GmbH) introduced the NUK vacuum cleaner . The NUK brand has existed since then. The letters originally stood for “natural and orthodontic”.


In 1956 the dentists Wilhelm Balters and Adolf Müller developed an asymmetrically shaped teat for feeding and calming babies. The doctors observed that babies who are breastfed are less likely to suffer from misaligned teeth and jaw deformities than children who are not breastfed. Since the mother's nipple deforms when the baby is suckling and adapts to the anatomy of the child's palate, the two doctors developed the asymmetrical shape of the NUK teat. At the time of the market launch in 1956, the range consisted of a drinking teat for bottles, a pacifier and a jaw former, which is used as a therapeutic device for correcting misaligned teeth and jaw deformities.

The export department was set up in 1975 and NUK products were subsequently exported from the Zeven location to 48 countries. In the 1990s, NUK started using media licenses, for example those of the illustrator and writer Janosch . Since the beginning of the 21st century, NUK has existed in a total of 90 countries.

Products and categories

NUK bottles in a NUK drying rack for draining after cleaning

NUK drinking teats and pacifiers are available in silicone and latex and in different sizes: size 1 for babies between 0 and 6 months, size 2 for babies from 6 months and size 3 for children from 18 months. Latex teats are made of latex and silicone teats are made of silicone .

In addition to teats and bottles, there are other products. The range is divided into the following categories:

  • "Natural Feeding" nipple shields , nursing pads , breast pump , breastfeeding products
  • "Meal": bottle, teat, drinking and eating learning program
  • "Jump start": pacifiers , dental care
  • "Wonnewelt": Janosch Edition, Baby Rose & Blue Edition, toys
  • "At home": bathroom and hygiene, children's room, kitchen

As part of the range, there are various programs, each with coordinated products: the NUK 4-phase oral system for dental care, the easy learning program to support learning to eat, First Choice as a uniform bottle concept and the breastfeeding program.

NUK Medic Pro

NUK has a clinic advisory service, "NUK Medic Pro", as well as a clinic range that was developed in collaboration with medical professionals. This includes special products such as lip-gap suction devices and premature baby suction devices.

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