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Today's and historical Frisian language area

National Friesen or National Friesen referred in Schleswig Nordfriesland that part of the friezes that not as a subset of German sees people, but instead, the Frisian ethnic group as a separate nation with its own language and culture (as a nation ) understands.

Accordingly, language policy tasks are at the center of the activities of the national Frisians. As a rule, the national Frisians do not demand a state of their own, but rather the right to live their own identity within the existing states.

In North Friesland , the Friisk Foriining should be mentioned in particular , which works politically with the South Schleswig voters' association . In the Netherlands, the Fryske Nasjonale Partij ( Frisian National Party ) is represented in the provincial parliament of the Dutch province of Friesland ( Provinsje Fryslân ). In East Friesland, however , the term "National Frisians" is not in use, but positions are also represented there by various groups and the party The Frisians . As a group of national Frisians with secessionist aspirations, the Groep fan Auwerk should be mentioned.


The Friisk Foriining, which has existed since the Weimar Republic (formerly known as the Frisian-Schleswig Association and Foriining for nationale Friiske ), belonged to the Association of National Minorities in Germany , which existed from 1924 to 1939 . A long-time chairman of the association (1958–1983) and founder of the Nordfriisk Instituut was Carsten Boysen, who strongly influenced the Frisian movement in North Friesland in the post-war period.

In the meantime, German and national Frisians are working together in many areas, which is expressed, among other things, in the work of the Nordfriisk Instituut.


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