Nervus petrosus profundus

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Scheme of the sympathetic connections with the deep petrosal nerve (deep petrosal nerve )

The nervus petrosus profundus ("deep petrous bone nerve") is a nerve in the head part of the sympathetic nerve that innervates the lacrimal gland .

It arises from the internal carotid plexus , a plexus of nerves around the internal carotid artery ( internal carotid artery ), and runs with it into the temporal bone ( pars petrosa ossis temporalis ). It unites with the parasympathetic petrosus major nerve of the seventh cranial nerve to form the nervus canalis pterygoidei (Vidi nerve). This pulls through the alar process canal to the pterygopalatine ganglion , which the fibers of the deep petrosal nerve pass without switching. Your change took place already in the superior cervical ganglion of the sympathetic trunk . The sympathetic fibers are deposited in the orbit the zygomatic nerve (a branch of the maxillary nerve ) and so go to the lacrimal gland, whose secretion inhibiting.