Nettle borer

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Nettle borer
Common nettle borer (Pleuroptya ruralis)

Common nettle borer ( Pleuroptya ruralis )

Class : Insects (Insecta)
Order : Butterflies (Lepidoptera)
Family : Crambidae
Subfamily : Spilomelinae
Genre : Pleuroptya
Type : Nettle borer
Scientific name
Pleuroptya ruralis
( Scopoli , 1763)

The PATANIA RURALIS ( Pleuroptya ruralis ) is a butterfly from the family of Crambidae .

Way of life

The oligophageous caterpillars feed mainly in the rolled up leaves of the great nettle ( Urtica dioica ). The caterpillars are also found less frequently on hops ( Humulus ), goosefoot ( Chenopodium ), logs ( Atriplex ) and sparrows ( Spiraea ).

Flight and caterpillar times

The nettle borer makes two generations a year, flying from May to June, and then again from July to September. The caterpillars can be found in June and then again from August. The caterpillar overwinters.



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