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New Education Fellowship is the oldest international organization that has accompanied reform education from 1921 to the present day , and was its actual forum during the 1920s, which enabled and intensified the international exchange of experiences on a broad scale.



It was constituted in Calais in 1921 . With the initiator Beatrice Ensor (England), Elisabeth Rotten (Switzerland - for the German-speaking countries) and Adolphe Ferrière (Switzerland - for the French-speaking countries) well-known educators were at the top.

The magazine " The New Era " was founded by the New Education Fellowship and temporarily edited by Beatrice Ensor with Alexander S. Neill , who met his wife Liliane on a research trip in Hellerau near Dresden in 1921 and made her famous under the name Summerhill in 1927 became a school. The magazine had a significant impact on international development.

International conferences took place in Montreux 1923, Heidelberg 1925, Locarno 1927, Helsingør 1929, Nice 1932 with broad international participation. In this context there are also names such as Martin Buber , Ovide Decroly , John Dewey , Paul Geheeb , Maria Montessori , Helen Parkhurst , Hanna Meuter (lecture in Nice), Jean Piaget and Peter Petersen .

German section

Elisabeth Rotten and Karl Wilker endeavored to found the German-speaking section - the International Working Group for the Renewal of Upbringing . You were the editor of the magazine " Das Werdende Zeitalter ".

After the great international success of the Heidelberg Conference, the German section - World Association for the Renewal of Education (WEE) - was officially founded in 1931: Erich Less became chairman, other members of the board were: Minister a. D. Carl Heinrich Becker (Berlin), Julius Gebhard (Hamburg), Robert Ulich (Dresden), Leo Weismantel (Markbreit / M.).

After 1933, under the Nazi dictatorship, work came to a standstill in Germany and Europe, while it continued on the other continents. It was only after 1945 that first contacts with England and the USA were resumed.

In 1951, through the initiative of Elisabeth Rotten, the German-speaking section was re-established at the Jugenheim / Bergstrasse Pedagogical Institute under the direction of Franz Hilker . Hermann Röhrs was one of the employees . The legal seat was Heidelberg.


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