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The first printed newsletters are called Newe Zeytung (or Neue Zeitung) . The newspapers that were already published, such as the Fuggerzeitung, were still handwritten news collections. The “New Newspapers”, on the other hand, are regarded as the forerunners of the modern newspaper . “New newspapers” is the collective term for written and then printed news and reports.

Newe Zeytung vom orient und auff gange ”, so the headline of an article that in 1502 first used the term “newspaper” for a printed news paper. This first newspaper reported that the French had captured the island of Lesbos. The “New Newspapers” were usually thematically limited, news papers of 1 to 20 pages in length, published as required and for special occasions.

Headlines and text were often decorated with woodcuts , illustrations , frame strips , initials and vignettes and thus formed an initial newspaper layout. They were mostly large in size.

They reported on current events or summarized the political, cultural and social events of the last time. Preferred sensational news were published. They appeared regularly, so even then they had a certain periodicity and topicality .

The “New Newspapers” existed around the beginning of the 18th century, and the number of titles between 1500 and 1700 is estimated at 5000 to 8000.

One of the oldest printed German “New Newspapers” is the pamphletCopia der Newen Zeitung aus Presillg Land ” (= Brazil country). It is one of the so-called "discovery newspapers".

One of the earliest newspaper publishers in Germany was Christoph von Scheurl . He was a lawyer and politician in Nuremberg and collected information and news that he summarized in a "Neue Zeitung" and sold to noblemen and merchants. From 1512 to 1537 he first wrote them by hand and then printed them, so that they could be distributed more widely.

The term “newspaper” appeared as “ zidunge ” with the meaning “customer” or “message” in the Cologne area as early as the beginning of the 14th century.

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