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University Library Augsburg
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View of the Augsburg University Library

founding 1970
Duration approx. 2.6 million volumes
Library type University library
place Augsburg , Bavaria , Germany
Website website

The Augsburg University Library is a central facility of the University of Augsburg . It is open to the public for university members and for anyone interested in scientific literature. The Free State of Bavaria is the maintenance provider . With 2.6 million media it is one of the largest libraries in Bavaria .


When the University of Augsburg was founded in 1970, the construction of the university library began. Initially, the library was located on the university campus in Memminger Strasse and Eichleitner Strasse ("Old University"). Since the end of 1970 several branch libraries have been built, several of which were housed in former industrial halls. In 1977 the first branch libraries moved to the university campus in the south of the city ("New University"). In 1984 the new building of the central library on the campus of the "New University" was moved into. Since the new building of the social sciences branch library in 1999, all branch libraries are now on campus; On the grounds of the “Old University” only a few rooms are still used as an alternative storage facility.

When the university library was founded in 1970, large amounts of external data were taken over from the Regensburg University Library . This transfer of external data was the beginning of the Bavarian Library Network. Over time, the holdings of some other libraries were incorporated into the Augsburg University Library: in 1971 the seminar holdings of the former Philosophical-Theological University in Dillingen , in 1972 the holdings of the library of the former Philosophical-Theological University of Freising and the Augsburg University of Education . In 1980 the Oettingen-Wallerstein library , which the Free State of Bavaria had bought, was assigned to the Augsburg University Library . In 2009, the University Library took about 11,000 volumes from the library of the burned books of George P. Salzmann works of those writers who in the era of National Socialism as were ostracized .


The Augsburg University Library consists of the central library and three sub-libraries, all of which are located in close proximity on the university campus:

  • Humanities branch library
  • Social sciences branch library
  • Science branch library
  • Medical branch library

With the exception of the Natural Sciences branch library, the branch libraries are connected by bridges so that it is not necessary to leave the library.


The university library has a total inventory (as of 2014) of over 2.6 million volumes (including microforms and audiovisual materials ). It continuously purchases over 3,000 printed journals and offers access to around 39,000 electronic journals . A lot of the stocks, in particular the current literature is as Präsenzbestand freely accessible in the libraries and in the reading room set up by the Central Library. There is also an extensive collection of magazines from which media can be borrowed to take home. The Augsburg University Library collects literature on all subjects represented at the university. Not for collecting spectrum are therefore chemistry and engineering, which are not represented at the University of Augsburg. With the Oettingen-Wallerstein library acquired in 1980, the comparatively young university library also has a significant amount of old stock .


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