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Nikolaus Thurn (born April 8, 1962 in Hamburg ) is a German classical philologist .


After studying Latin , Greek and Ancient History at the University of Hamburg (1983–1989), he received his master's degree in 1989 and, two years later, a Dr. phil. PhD. As a postdoctoral fellow he worked at the Hamburg graduate school "Greek and Byzantine Textual Transmission, History of Science, Humanism and Neo-Latin". Stays in Pécs (1990–1991) and Florence (1992–1994 and 2001) support his research into the New Latin language . During his employment as a research assistant in the Latin Studies department at the University of Rostock (1995–2001), he received his habilitation in 1999 with his work "Commentary from Carlias von Ugolino Verino" (1998). After a six-month stay in Granada (2001–2002), he took over the position of professor for Latin studies at the University of Kiel in 2002 . In the summer semester 2003 he was given a teaching position for Latin studies at the University of Tübingen and in the winter semester 2003/04 at the University of Kiel. In the same semester he was also employed as a research assistant at the Department of Classical Philology at the Free University of Berlin . For both the 2006/07 and 2009/10 winter semesters, in addition to this position, he received a teaching position at the Georg-August University in Göttingen , where he represented Thomas Haye as Professor of Medieval and Modern Latin Philology.

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