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In algebra , certain structures ( rings and modules ) are called Noetherian if they can not contain an infinite nesting of ever larger substructures. The term is named after the mathematician Emmy Noether .

Noether's modules

Let it be a unitary ring (ie, a ring with one element). A - Links module is noetherian if it meets one of the following equivalent conditions:

  • Each sub-module is finitely generated.
  • (Ascending chain condition) Any infinite ascending chain
of sub-modules becomes stationary, i.e. i.e., there is an index so that
  • (Maximum condition for sub-modules) Every non-empty set of sub-modules of has a maximum element regarding inclusion.


  • Every finite module is Noetherian.
  • Every finitely generated module over a Noetherian ring is Noetherian.
  • Every finite direct sum of Noetherian modules is Noetherian.
  • is not more like a module.


  1. is noetherian.
  2. are noetherian.
  • If a vector space is, then is Noetherian if and only if it is finite-dimensional. In this case the module is also Artinian .
  • If left- Noetherian, the Jacobson radical is nilpotent and semi - simple, then it is also left-Artinian .
  • Every finitely generated module is also finitely presented above a Noetherian ring (the reverse always applies).
  • The finitely generated modules over a Noetherian ring form an Abelian category ; the requirement that the ring is noetherian is essential.
  • Every real sub-module of a Noetherian module has a primary decomposition

Noether's rings

A ring is called

  • linksnoetheric if it is noetherian as a left module;
  • rechtsnoethersch when used as is noetherian -Rechtsmodul;
  • noetherian when left and right noetherian .

With commutative rings, all three concepts are identical and equivalent to the fact that all ideals are finitely generated.


  • Artin's rings are noetherian.
  • is noetherian but not artinian.
  • Quotients and localizations of Noetherian rings are Noetherian.
  • Main ideal rings or more generally Dedekind rings are Noetherian.
  • If a ring is Noetherian, the polynomial ring is also Noetherian ( Hilbert's basic theorem ).
  • From this it follows that generally finitely generated algebras are again Noetherian over a Noetherian ring. In particular, finitely generated algebras over fields are Noetherian.
  • The polynomial ring in infinitely many indeterminates is not Noetherian, since the ideal that is produced by all indeterminates is not finite.
  • The matrix ring is right-noetheric, but neither left-arterial nor left-noetheric.


  • Every irreducible ideal in a Noetherian ring is a primary ideal .
  • In a Noetherian ring, every real ideal can be represented as the intersection of a finite number of irreducible ideals. In particular, there is a primary decomposition in Noetherian rings
  • In a Noetherian ring there are only a finite number of minimal prime ideals.
  • Any non-unit in a Noetherian ring other than zero can be written as a finite product of irreducible elements. In particular, a Noetherian ring in which all irreducible elements are prime elements is a factorial ring .
  • If the null ideal in a ring is the product of maximum ideals , then the ring is noetherian if and only if it is Artinian .

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