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Mathematical annals
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description Math journal
Area of ​​Expertise mathematics
First edition 1868
Impact Factor 1,380 (2019)
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The Mathematische Annalen (abbreviated Math. Ann. Or Math. Annal. ) Are a mathematical journal .

The journal was founded in 1868 by Alfred Clebsch and Carl Gottfried Neumann and for many decades was considered one of the world's highest-ranking mathematics journals. The first 80 volumes were published by Teubner Verlag , 1868–1920 , after which the journal was continued by Julius Springer Verlag . Until the 1960s, the magazine articles appeared mainly in German, but today in English.

The journal's impact factor in 2012 was 1.378. In the statistics of the ISI Web of Knowledge , the journal was ranked 17th out of 295 considered journals in the mathematics category .

The editors included internationally respected mathematicians:

Alfred Clebsch (1869–1872), Carl Gottfried Neumann (1869–1876), Felix Klein (1876–1924), Adolph Mayer (1876–1901), Walther von Dyck (1888–1921), David Hilbert (1902–1939), Otto Blumenthal (1906–1938), Albert Einstein (1920–1928), Constantin Carathéodory (1925–1928), Erich Hecke (1929–1947), Bartel Leendert van der Waerden (1934–1968), Franz Rellich (1947–1955) , Kurt Reidemeister (1947–1963), Richard Courant (1947–1968), Heinz Hopf (1947–1968), Gottfried Köthe (1957–1971), Heinrich Behnke (1938–1972), Max Koecher (1968–1976), Lars Gårding (1970–1978), Konrad Jörgens (1972–1974), Fritz John (1968–1979), Peter Dombrowski (1970–1983), Louis Boutet de Monvel (1979–1983), Wulf-Dieter Geyer (1979–1983) , Elmar Thoma (1974–1990), Winfried Scharlau (1984–1990), Hans Grauert (1963–1991), Heinz Bauer (1971–1992), Hans Föllmer (1990–1993), Friedrich Hirzebruch (1961–1996), Reinhold Remmert (1970–1996), Matthias Kreck (1990–1998), Wolfgang Lück (1998–2008), Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (1983–2009) etc. L. The current editor is Thomas Schick .

The annals dispute

Serious differences between the professors of the then leading mathematical institutes in Göttingen and Berlin led to a serious conflict between the editors of the journal at the end of the 1920s, which became known as the "Annalenstreit". The cause was, in addition to the different political views of those involved, the fact that the rivalry between the two institutes intensified the technical dispute over the foundation of mathematics. The intuitionism of Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer in Berlin was just as diametrically opposed to the formalism of David Hilbert or Richard Courant in Göttingen as was the German-national sentiment of the politically liberal attitude of the Göttingen mathematicians, mainly represented by Ludwig Bieberbach in Berlin .

After an initial dispute in 1925, in which Brouwer and Bieberbach prevented contributions by French authors from being included in a Riemann memorial volume, a new dispute broke out in 1928. For the first time since the First World War, German mathematicians were invited to the international mathematicians' congress taking place in Bologna this year . Hilbert, Courant and other people from Göttingen advocated participation, but the Berlin mathematicians around Bieberbach refused, among other things because of a trip to South Tyrol , which had fallen to Italy during the war. As a result of the dispute, Brouwer resigned after the Congress in Bologna at Hilbert's insistence as co-editor of the Annals.


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