North-Eastern Administrative District (Moscow)

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The coat of arms of the district Msk svao.svg
Name (russ.): Северо-восточный административный округ
population 1,237,069 (2005)
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The Northeastern Administrative District ( Russian Северо-Восточный административный округ / Severo-vostochny administratiwny okrug ) is one of the twelve administrative districts of the Russian capital Moscow .


The northeastern administrative district is located on the northeastern edge of the urban area of ​​Moscow. It borders the Central, Northern and Eastern administrative districts.


The northeastern administrative district contains 17 districts. More than a million people live in the administrative area.

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Districts in the northeastern administrative district

  • Alexeevsky
  • Altufievsky
  • Babushkinsky
  • Bibirewo
  • Butyrski
  • Yaroslavsky
  • Yuzhnoe Medvedkovo
  • Lianosowo
  • Lossinoostrowski
  • Marfino
  • Marjina Roschtscha
  • Ostankinski
  • Otradnoye
  • Rostokino
  • Severnoe Medvedkovo
  • Sewerny
  • Swiblowo

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