Novalis (band)

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Novalis in the Kieler Ostseehalle (1979)
Novalis in the Kieler Ostseehalle (1979)
General information
Genre (s) German rock
founding 1971
resolution 1985
Founding members
Jürgen Wenzel (until 1973)
Heino Schünzel (until 1980)
Lutz Rahn
Hartwig Biereichel
Last occupation
Ernst Herzner (from 1984)
Hinrich Schneider (from 1983)
Lutz Rahn
Hartwig Biereichel
Detlef Job (from 1973)
former members
Fred Mühlböck (1976–1984)

Novalis was a German rock band from the 1970s. Her best-known works include the titles Summer Evening and Who Heard Butterflies Laugh .

Band history

In 1971, the singer Jürgen Wenzel and the bass player Heino Schünzel looked for interested parties in a band with a newspaper advertisement. The organist Lutz Rahn and the drummer Hartwig Biereichel reported. The Hamburg group Mosaik was formed , which was soon renamed Novalis . After the debut album in 1973 guitarist Detlef Job joined them. Jürgen Wenzel left the band. Heino Schünzel and Detlef Job took over the vocal parts. Carlo Karges , who later played for Nena , joined the band while working on the second album . In 1976 the Austrian singer Fred Mühlböck joined as a further member .

On their first album the group sang in English , in 1975 they switched to German lyrics at the suggestion of the new producer, the former Rattles musician Achim Reichel . In addition to their own poetry, they also used poems by the namesake Novalis ( miracle treasures , if not more numbers and figures ... ).

With the albums Summer Evening , Surf and Maybe you are a clown? and the haunting voice of Fred Mühlböck, the group achieved its greatest successes and even gained international importance. Lutz Rahn released his solo album Solo-Trip in 1978 .

In 1979 Novalis produced a concept album on the subject of whaling ( Flossenengel ), with which one supported the World Wildlife Fund . The text describes the capture of a whale, the admission of the animal to a zoo and the repentance of the catcher, which then leads to the liberation of the animal.

In the early 1980s, the typical Novalis style seemed to have outlived itself. The musicians were looking for a new direction, but the group gradually disbanded after several line-up changes.

In 1985 the group said goodbye with the album Nach uns die Flut . The guitarist Günther Brackmann accompanied Novalis on a tour in 1985 as a guest musician. In 1993 Rahn and Biereichel brought out a sampler with old live recordings from the successful times.


  • 1973: Banished Bridge
  • 1975: Novalis
  • 1976: summer evening
  • 1977: Concerts (Live)
  • 1977: surf
  • 1978: maybe you are a clown?
  • 1979: Flossenengel
  • 1981: moments
  • 1982: new moon
  • 1983: Red-throated diver
  • 1984: boomerang
  • 1985: After us the flood
  • 1993: Novalis is alive! (Live)
  • 2009: Last concert 1984 (Live)
  • 2017: Butterflies (box set)

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