Ox mouth (meat)

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Ochsenmaulsalat , cattle mouth , cattle palate or mouth meat is beef consisting of the, mouths and taste buds of cattle is obtained. It is very streaky and rich in connective tissue .

In preparation for further processing, Ochsenmaul is scalded and skinned - often after curing - and boiled for several hours, during which the connective tissue is transformed into gelatine . It is used finely cut for ox-mouth salad , brawns , ragouts and sausages . It is also used raw as dog food.

Limitations due to the BSE disease

Because of the BSE cattle epidemic , headmeat may be processed without restrictions in animals that are fit for slaughter, but the skull without a lower jaw must be disposed of in animals older than 12 months (Cat1, SRM, EU Regulation 999/2001). Thus, the meat of the palate can only be used for ox-mouth salad in animals under one year old.

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