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Odo II (French: Eudes ; † after 1118) from the House of Blois was a Count of Meaux and Troyes ( Champagne ) from 1045/48 to 1063 and Count of Aumale from around 1070 (see also: Earl of Albemarle ).

Odo was the only son of Count Stephan II of Meaux-Troyes and Adela. When his father died early (he was already dead in 1048), he inherited his property, today's Champagne , but as a minor under the tutelage of his uncle, Count Theobald III. von Blois , who then appeared as Count of Troyes in 1048 and completely ousted Odo from Champagne by 1063. According to the Chronicle of Fountains Abbey , Odo had to flee Champagne after he had murdered one of his own noblemen.

Odo had married Adela of Normandy around 1060 († 1081/84), an illegitimate daughter of the Norman Duke Robert the Magnificent and widow of Count Enguerrand II of Ponthieu and Lambert of Lens , and thus became a brother-in-law of Duke Wilhelm II .

When Wilhelm set out in 1066 to enforce his supposed claims to the English crown (see Norman Conquest of England ), Odo joined him. As a reward for his participation, Odo received the county of Aumale in Normandy around 1070 and the barony of Holderness in England in 1087 . After Wilhelm's death, he supported his second-born Wilhelm Rufus against his older brother Robert Kurzhose , for which he had to give up Aumale. After his son Stephan was at the center of a failed plot against Wilhelm Rufus in 1095, Odo was also put in prison by him.


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predecessor Office successor
Stephan II Count of Meaux
Count of Troyes
1045 / 48-1063
Theobald I.