Lambert of Lens

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Lambert von Boulogne († 1054 at Phalempin at the Battle of Lille ) was Count of Lens and by marriage Count of Aumale . He was the son of Count Eustach I von Boulogne and Mathilde von Löwen , the daughter of Lambert I von Löwen . He married Adelheid of Normandy, daughter of Duke Robert I of Normandy from the House of the Rollonids .

When Wilhelm von Talou , Count of Arques , revolted against his nephew, Duke Wilhelm II of Normandy , in 1053 , the Flemish nobility was affected for family reasons: Baldwin V of Flanders , father-in-law of the Duke, sided with him, while Enguerrand II von Ponthieu , Herr von Aumale, who was related by marriage to both sides, and Lambert's brother Eustach II von Boulogne decided in favor of the rebels. Following the example of his sovereign, the Count of Flanders, Lambert sided with the Duke.

The uprising collapsed quickly, Enguerrand was killed in October 1053 and William of Talou fled to Boulogne . As a reward for his loyalty, Lambert was married to Enguerrand's widow Adelheid, the duke's half-sister, from whose right he became Count of Aumale.

Lambert remained in the service of the Count of Flanders and took part in the battle of Lille against Emperor Henry III in 1054 . part in which he was fatally wounded. Adelheid kept Aumale, Lens fell back to his brother Eustach II. His daughter Judith , who was either just born or was even born after his death, later married (1070) Waltheof II, Earl of Northumbria .


predecessor Office successor
–– Earl of Lens
Eustach II
Enguerrand Count of Aumale
(de iure uxoris )