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Eustach I (French Eustache I. à l'œil ; * 1010 ; † 1049 ) was a Count of Boulogne and is the progenitor of the House of Boulogne .

The family origin of Eustach is unknown. A frequently postulated descent from the Flemish count house is purely speculative and cannot be supported by any contemporary evidence. In fact, Eustach is listed in the Genealogica comitum Buloniensium , the earliest known genealogy of the Counts of Boulogne, from the end of the 11th century , as the first in the line of the House of Boulogne. However, this source is silent about his own origin. In the 12th century chronicle of the Counts of Guînes des Lambert von Ardres , however, a Bolonie comitem ... Erniculum is named as the father of an Eustacio . To what extent this genealogical information relates to Count Eustach I cannot be clarified.

Count Eustach I was married to Mathilde, a daughter of Count Lambert I von Löwen and the Gerberga von Lorraine. Your children were:

Eustach I of Boulogne was buried in Samer .


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