1896 Summer Olympics / Wrestling - Greco-Roman Style Open Class (Men)

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Olympic rings
Schuhmann lotta atene 1896.jpg
sport Wrestling
discipline Greco-Roman Open Class
gender Men
Attendees 5 athletes from 4 countries
Competition location Panathinaiko Stadium
Competition phase April 10-11, 1896
Medal winner
gold medal -
Silver medal German EmpireThe German Imperium Carl Schuhmann ( GER )
Bronze medal Kingdom of GreeceKingdom of Greece Georgios Tsitas ( GRE )
Wrestling competitions at the
1896 Olympic Games
Wrestling Greco-Roman style
Open class Men

The wrestling in the open class in the Greco-Roman style of men at the Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 took place from April 10-11, 1896.


In the first Olympic fight the Greek Stefanos Christopoulos and the Hungarian Momcsilló Tapavicza faced each other, an almost even duel was expected, but Christopoulos emerged as the winner after Tapavicza retired due to injury. In the second fight, the German Carl Schuhmann defeated the world weightlifting champion Launceston Elliot from Great Britain.

In the semifinals, Schuhmann, who was the smallest and easiest participant at 1.63 meters, had a bye. In the Greek duel between Christopoulos and Georgios Tsitas , Tsitas prevailed because his opponent injured his shoulder.

The final fight between Schuhmann and Tsitas lasted 40 minutes, due to the falling darkness it was interrupted and continued the next morning. Here the German brought down Tsitas after 15 minutes and became the first Olympic champion in wrestling.

Quarter finals Semifinals final
10th of April    
 German EmpireThe German Imperium  Carl Schuhmann    
 United Kingdom 1801United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland  Launceston Elliot  
 German EmpireThe German Imperium  Carl Schuhmann    
 -  bye  
April 10th and 11th
 German EmpireThe German Imperium  Carl Schuhmann
10th of April
     Kingdom of GreeceKingdom of Greece  Georgios Tsitas
 Kingdom of GreeceKingdom of Greece  Stefanos Christopoulos    
10th of April
 Hungary 1867Hungary  Momcsilló Tapavicza  
 Kingdom of GreeceKingdom of Greece  Stefanos Christopoulos
 Kingdom of GreeceKingdom of Greece  Georgios Tsitas  

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