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Orlando Figes, 2013

Orlando Figes (born November 20, 1959 in London ) is a British historian .

Figes has been Professor of Modern and Contemporary Russian History at Birkbeck College at the University of London since 1999 . According to his own statement, since February 13, 2017, he has also had German citizenship because he does not want to be “a Brexit -Brite”.


His mother is the British writer and feminist Eva Figes . Figes studied history at Cambridge University , where, after completing his studies and earning his doctorate in 1984, he accepted the academic post of Fellow and Lecturer in Russian History, which he held until 1999. Famous than the scientific community, he was it by the publication of his book on the history of Russian revolutions, "The tragedy of a people", for which he was awarded several times by the following in almost all major newspapers of Britain and the New York Times published Articles on the subject. His second important work, “The Whisperers. Living in Stalin's Russia ”has been translated into around 20 languages. In Germany he wrote articles for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Welt .

Figes caused quite a stir in 2009/2010 with fake online reviews . As a supposed layman, he had panned the works of colleagues in so-called customer reviews on amazon.co.uk under a pseudonym and praised his own works.

In 2012, his work The Whisperers was criticized on the basis of Russian-language original interviews that Figes used for the book. Some of the statements made by the British historian were not covered by the interviews. Critics accused Figes of major inaccuracies and errors. A planned Russian edition of Die Flüsterer was delayed or hardly possible.



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