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Eva Figes (born April 15, 1932 in Berlin as Eva Unger ; † August 28, 2012 in London ) was a British writer, social critic and activist against traditional realistic literature. She invented new forms for her own works.

In 1953 Figes graduated with a BA from Queen Mary College , London . Until 1967 she worked for various publishing houses. During this time she developed into a full-time writer.

Her novels shed light on the inside of her characters. She also became an international champion of the women's movement . She wrote several critical books to denounce the misogynist state structures in the 20th century. In 1966 she was divorced from George Figes . She is the mother of the historian Orlando Figes, who was born in 1959 .



  • “Equinox” (1966) examines the dissolution of a marriage and the subsequent arguments that all involved have in order to restore a world of their own.
  • " Winter Journey " (original: Winter Journey , 1967) refers to a day in the life of a lonely man.
  • "Waking up" (original: Waking , 1981) consists of seven chapters that always begin with a woman waking up; these women are of different ages, from idyllic childhood to impending death.

Later novels are "Light" (original: Light , 1983), " The Seven Ages " (original: The Seven Ages , 1986), "Geister" (original: Ghosts , 1988), "The Wisdom Tree " (original: The Tree of Knowledge , 1990), “The Tenancy” (original: The Tenancy , 1993), and “The Knot” (original: The Knot , 1996).

Works: socially critical works

  • "Patriarchal Habits: Women in Society" (original: Patriarchal Attitudes: Women in Society , 1970), presentation of misogynist structures by Sigmund Freud .
  • "Sex and Deception: Writers up to 1850" (original: Sex and Subterfuge: Women Novelists to 1850 , 1982).
  • “Autobiography: Little Eden” (original: Little Eden , 1978), depicting her father's imprisonment in the Dachau concentration camp and the subsequent escape to England .

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