Eastern Ghats

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Eastern Ghats
Wooded mountain landscape (moist monsoon forest) in the central eastern Ghats (Kambalakonda nature reserve near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh)

Wooded mountain landscape (moist monsoon forest) in the central eastern Ghats (Kambalakonda nature reserve near Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh )

Highest peak Ketamma Paryatam ( 1680  m )
location Odisha , Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu ( India )
Coordinates 18 °  N , 83 °  E Coordinates: 18 °  N , 83 °  E
Eastern Ghats along the east coast of India

The Eastern Ghats ( Hindi पूर्वी घाट Pūrvī Ghāṭa , Telugu తూర్పు కనుమలు Tūrpu Kanumalu , Tamil கிழக்குத் தொடர்ச்சி மலைகள் Kiḻakkut Toṭarcci Malaikaḷ ) are a mountain range on the Indian east coast that runs parallel to the Bay of Bengal .


The Eastern Ghats, which are much older than the Western Ghats, stretch from the north of Odisha via Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu in the south; they are intersected by four larger ( Godavari , Mahanadi , Krishna and Kaveri ) and several smaller rivers and thus divided into individual mountain groups, each with regional names (e.g. Erramala Hills, Javadi Mountains , Nallamala Mountains , Kolli Hills, etc.) ). The highest mountains of the Eastern Ghats reach heights of over 1,600  m ; however, the mountain range is only about 500  m high on average .

Natural spaces

Different typical vegetation zones can be distinguished: To the east towards the coast there are monsoon rainforests ; in the interior of the country, deciduous forests with less rainfall follow, which are only partially supplied with moisture by the monsoon . Further inland on the west side of the Eastern Ghats follow dry scrubland with a few trees from the Deccan in the northern area and loosened dry deciduous forest in the southern area.


The area has fertile soils where mainly cereals (wheat, rice, millet) and legumes (lentils) are grown. However, the use of hydropower is less profitable than in the Western Ghats.

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