Otto IV. (Tecklenburg)

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Otto IV of Tecklenburg-Ibbenbüren († 1307 ) was Count of Tecklenburg-Ibbenbüren from 1285 to 1307 .


Otto IV. Was the son of Otto III. von Tecklenburg and Richarde von der Mark, daughter of Count Engelbert I, born.

After the death of his father Otto III. he followed him as Count of Tecklenburg-Ibbenbüren and as Vogt of Metelen and Malgarten . He fortified his land and built the castles in Cloppenburg , Bevergern , Lingen and the Schnackenburg . Furthermore, he was able to repurchase the pledged Tecklenburg .

He led several feuds against the bishops of Osnabrück and Munster and against the county of Ravensberg . To finance this, he pledged a large part of the Metelen bailiwick, which was too far away for him. In 1288 he took part in the Battle of Worringen .

Marriage and offspring

Otto IV married Beatrix von Rietberg († around 1325), daughter of Count Friedrich I von Rietberg , in 1296 . Come from this marriage

  • Richardis († around 1327), heiress of Tecklenburg, married to Günzel VI. , Count of Schwerin-Wittenburg-Bolzenburg
  • Otto V. († around 1328)
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Otto III. Count of Tecklenburg
Otto V.