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Oxyartes (4th century BC) was a Bactrian ruler at the time of Alexander the Great , to whom he gave his daughter Roxane as his wife.

Oxyartes is first mentioned as one of the followers of Bessus , the murderer of the Persian King Dareios III. and adversary of Alexander, before whom he had to withdraw to Bactria. Even after Bessus' death, Oxyartes continued to offer military resistance. In order to get his wife and children to safety from the advancing Alexander, Oxyartes had them taken to the Sogdian Rock , which was considered impregnable. Nevertheless, Alexander's men managed to capture the rock fortress, whereupon Roxane fell into the hands of the Macedonian king. Now Oxyartes submitted to Alexander and offered his daughter Roxane for marriage. Oxyartes accompanied Alexander on his campaign to India and was 326 BC. Appointed satrap of the Paropamisaden area between the Hindu Kush and the Indus . He retained this office after Alexander's death and was included in the imperial order of Babylon in 323 BC. And at the conference of Triparadeisos 320 BC. Confirmed. In the Diadoch Wars he initially supported Eumenes , but after his death went over to Antigonus Monophthalmos .

Obviously, Oxyartes died before the Indian campaign of Seleucus I , as he is not mentioned in connection with the cession of the province of Paropamisos to the Indian ruler Tschandragupta .



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