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Hans Volkmann , actually Richard Ludwig Johannes Volkmann (born March 19, 1900 in Cologne ; † October 5, 1975 there ) was a German ancient historian .

The son of a doctor grew up in Bromberg and graduated from high school in Göttingen in 1918. In the same year he started at the local University to study Classics and Ancient History. His teachers in Göttingen were Georg Busolt and Richard Reitzenstein . In 1920 Volkmann moved to Marburg and received his doctorate in Ancient History with Anton von Premerstein in 1922 with the thesis Demetrios I. Soter (162-150 BC) and Alexander I. Balas (150-145 BC) of Syria . After receiving his doctorate, he went to Berlin to study papyrology with Ulrich Wilcken . In 1923 he passed the academic examination for teaching at secondary schools in history, Latin and Greek in Marburg. Five years of teaching in Marburg, Hersfeld and Frankfurt am Main followed .

In 1930 he went to the Philippinum grammar school in Marburg . In 1933 his habilitation took place at the University of Marburg on the subject of jurisprudence in the Principate of Augustus . In 1934/35 he was a substitute professor for Anton von Premerstein at the University of Marburg. As Josef Keil's successor, he was appointed to the University of Greifswald in 1937 . In 1941 Volkmann was drafted into the Wehrmacht and seriously wounded on January 30, 1945 when he withdrew from Estonia in Elbing . As a Soviet prisoner of war, he did not regain freedom until February 6, 1947 in Frankfurt an der Oder . After two years of unsuccessful efforts to regain his chair in Greifswald, he returned to Cologne and initially worked as a teacher. In 1952 he was appointed honorary professor there and on March 29, 1955 he received the chair for ancient history at the University of Cologne . In 1964 he retired. Volkmann's students include Heinz Bellen and Karl-Wilhelm Welwei .

Volkmann was a connoisseur of the history of the Seleucids and wrote several articles for Pauly's Realencyclopadie der classical antiquity (RE) as well as the little Pauly . In 1942 he published a critical text edition of the Res gestae divi Augusti . His Cleopatra biography, published in 1953, has been translated into four languages. He also published an account of Sulla's March on Rome in 1958 . In addition, he published the estate of his teacher Anton von Premerstein.

Volkmann died in 1975 at the age of 85 in Cologne University Hospital . He was widowed by Hedwig Emma Sophie geb. Voigtländer, whom he married in Frankfurt am Main in 1930. His estate is in the Cologne University Archives .

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