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Volker Losemann (born June 9, 1942 in Kassel ) is a German ancient historian who was best known for his research into the history of his subject.

Volker Losemann first attended the old-language branch of the Korbach grammar school , after which he graduated from the Friedrichsgymnasium in Kassel . Between 1962 and 1968 he studied history and Latin at the University of Marburg . There he became a research assistant in 1969 and in 1975 with the work National Socialism and Antiquity. Studies on the development of the subject of ancient history 1933–1945, doctorate under Karl Christ . In 1977 he became an academic senior councilor and remained in this position until his retirement in 2008. Most recently, he was also the dean of studies in the history and cultural studies department.

Influenced by his academic teacher Christ, Losemann is an expert in the history of specialist and scientific history of ancient history and the history of reception of antiquity , in particular for the Roman-Germanic disputes and their reception from antiquity to today as well as for ancient history during the time of the National Socialism . His groundbreaking dissertation was the first important work that dealt with ancient history in the so-called " Third Reich ". For his dissertation, published in 1977, Losemann processed a large number of unprinted archive materials.

Losemann has been a member of the Historical Commission for Hesse since 1984 .



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