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Theodor Hirsch (born December 17, 1806 in Old Scotland near Danzig ; † February 17, 1881 in Greifswald ) was a German historian.


Theodor Hirsch, cousin of the historian Siegfried Hirsch , studied theology, history and geography at the Berlin University , then was a teacher at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Berlin and was appointed to the Gymnasium in Danzig in 1833 , where he taught for 32 years History directed.

In addition to his teaching post, he devoted himself particularly to the history of his hometown, whose authority entrusted him with the reorganization and administration of the city archive in 1850.

In addition to numerous works on individual institutes in Danzig (St. Mary's Church , the grammar school, Artushof ), on the neighboring monasteries Oliva and Zuckau , on Danzig's trade with the Italian states in the 16th century, etc., he wrote especially those that were crowned by the Jablonowsk Society Writing Danzig's commercial and industrial history under the rule of the Teutonic Order (Leipzig 1858) and joined forces with Ernst Strehlke and Max Toeppen in 1860 to publish the Scriptores rerum Prussicarum (Leipzig: Hirzel, 1861–1874, vol. 1–5). In 1880, he published a volume of the documents and files on the history of the Great Elector .

In 1865 he was appointed full professor of history at the University of Greifswald , where he was also director of the Kgl. University library was active and treated both the Prussian and ancient history . There he died of a stroke .

His son Ferdinand Hirsch became a historian and high school teacher.

Fonts (selection)

  • History of the Academic Gymnasium in Gdansk . Danzig (1837) ( full text )
  • The preacher Pancratius. A contribution to the history of the Reformation in Danzig . Danzig 1842 ( full text ).
  • The Upper Parish Church of St. Mary in Gdansk in its monuments . Volume 1, Danzig 1843 ( digitized version , full text ).
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  • Gdansk's commercial and industrial history under the rule of the Teutonic Order . Leipzig 1858 (344 pages, award-winning treatise, reprinted in 1969).
  • About the origin of the Prussian Artus Courts . In: Journal for Prussian History and Regional Studies . Volume 1, Issue 1, Berlin 1864, pp. 3–32 ( full text)
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As a co-author
  • together with Friedrich August Vossberg : Caspar Weinreich's Danziger Chronik. A contribution to the history of Danzig, the Lands of Prussia and Poland, the Hansabund and the Nordic empires . Berlin 1855 ( e-copy ).


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