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Labeling of primary packaging for food.

As packaging materials are products designated that the packaging used by products. Common examples of packaging materials in everyday life are bags , sacks , boxes, cardboard boxes , trays , bottles , jars , lids, crown caps , polystyrene , paper and foils .

The relevant standard, DIN 55404, develops the following system for the definition of packaging:

  • Container (aerosol container, for explosive substances)
  • Container glass
  • container
  • Molded fiber packaging
  • flexible packaging
  • dimensionally stable packaging
  • Gas cartridge
  • Vessels (pressure vessels; vessel, small, with gas (gas cartridge))
  • Large glass container
  • Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) with the following subgroups:
  1. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers; FIBC
  2. Large packaging made of wood
  3. Large cardboard packaging
  4. Combination IBC
  5. metallic bulk packaging
  6. rigid plastic IBC
  • Bulk packing
  • semi-rigid packaging
  • Inner vessel
  • Cardboard boxes (fine, rigid, transparent cardboard)
  • Lightweight container (made of aluminum, made of glass)
  • Measuring container
  • Medicine jar
  • nestable packaging
  • Packaging cut
  • palette
  • Foam packaging
  • rigid packaging
  • coated cardboard box
  • Volume stable packaging

The packaging manufacturer specializes in the production of packaging materials . Customers who package their products, i.e. who want to make them storable, loadable, transportable or salable, have certain quality requirements for the packaging. They are therefore often subject to a special incoming goods inspection , which is also called packaging inspection .

Special quality requirements are placed on packaging materials that come into direct contact with foodstuffs , drugs or pharmaceuticals . Special labeling of primary packaging is customary for the food industry in order to avoid any impairment on the transport route between the packaging manufacturer and the food company. Special requirements also apply to the packaging of dangerous goods .

Packaging can also be used as conveying aids (e.g. pallets , containers, trays ), transport aids (e.g. pallets, containers , IBCs ), loading aids (e.g. pallets, lattice boxes ) or as storage aids (e.g. containers, Pallets, lattice boxes) can be used.

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