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Paititi or Paytiti is the name of the "Lost City of the Inca", the mysterious refuge of the Inca in eastern Peru .


After the conquest of the Inca Empire by Francisco Pizarro in 1533, the last Indian resistance fighters moved to the mountain fortress Vilcabamba back. From there they waged a grueling guerrilla war against the Spanish occupiers for almost forty years . It was not until 1572 that Spanish soldiers captured Vilcabamba in a coup and brought the last Inca ruler, Túpac Amaru, as a prisoner to Cusco (where he was executed a little later). At this point the fortress was almost deserted, and the inhabitants had fled east into the inaccessible rainforest together with the rich possessions of the Inca ruling caste.

In 2001 the Italian archaeologist Mario Polia found new references to Paititi in the archives of the Jesuits in Rome : a report by the missionary Andrea Lopez . In the document, which dates from around 1600, Lopez describes a large city that is said to be rich in gold, silver and precious stones, is located in the middle of the tropical jungle by a waterfall and is called Paititi by the locals . Lopez informed the Pope of his discovery. Conspiracy theories claim that the exact location of Paititi has been kept secret by the Vatican since then .

In the mythology of the Q'ero Indians, Paititi is the place of the rapture of the Inca king ( Inkarrí ), from where he will return soon, at the latest on the day of judgment .

In the mass media , Paititi is often equated with Eldorado . The myth of Eldorado, however, has its origin in the highlands of Colombia and Venezuela and not in Peru .


Since 1990 researchers and archaeologists have been trying harder to track down the legend of Paititi. The expeditions lead to the largely undeveloped Madre de Dios area east of Cuzco or the region east of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia .

It is said that the results of the expeditions are promising. There were Inca trails , petroglyphs found and settlement remains and ruins. In 2006 and 2009 further expeditions were carried out.

Pop Culture

In the video game Shadow of the Tomb Raider (September 2018) from the Tomb Raider series, archaeologist Lara Croft goes to Latin America. Her adventures also lead the action heroine to Paititi.


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