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Rory O'Neill as Panti Bliss (2013)

Panti Bliss (* 1968 in Ballinrobe , real name Rory O'Neill) is an Irish drag queen and LGBT activist.


Rory O'Neill was born in 1968 to a veterinarian in Ballinrobe, Ireland. He attended the Art College in Dún Laoghaire .


As Panti Bliss, O'Neill became the most famous drag queen in Ireland . In 1990 she made her first television appearance on Ireland's public broadcaster RTÉ . From 1996 to 2012 she presented the Alternative Miss Ireland beauty pageant.

She is also known as an activist for LGBT rights and is the official representative of the annual “Dublin Pride” held in June, where she also campaigned for the opening of marriage in Ireland, which was finally made possible by a referendum in 2015. In this role, she is also a frequent guest speaker at conferences and meetings. On November 30, 2007 she opened the "Pantibar" named after her in Dublin . On October 21, 2015, the film "The Queen of Ireland" premiered; a multi-year documentary by Conor Horgan about the life of Rory O'Neill, his career as "Panti Bliss" and his fight for LGBT equality.

Scandal about homophobia comment on RTÉ ("Pantigate")

On January 11, 2014, Panti Bliss discussed homophobia on RTÉ One on The Saturday Night Show with its host Brendan O'Connor . She stated that some people in Irish journalism are homophobic. This incident developed into the so-called "Pantigate". The people mentioned threatened RTÉ and Panti Bliss with a lawsuit. RTÉ then removed the relevant point from its online archive. On the January 25, 2014 issue of the Saturday Night Show , host Brendan O'Connor publicly apologized on behalf of RTÉ to the people named on the show two weeks earlier. RTÉ paid the persons concerned 85,000 euros.

As a result, RTÉ's buckling was criticized and viewed as an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of the press as well as censorship. The Irish parliament Oireachtas also debated the incident. The EU Parliament also discussed the incident. Irish MEP Paul Murphy criticized the payment as “a real attack on the freedom of speech” and continued: “When John Waters says that gay marriage is 'a kind of satire', that is homophobia. When Breda O'Brien says 'equality must take second place to the common good', that is homophobia. When the Iona Institute campaign against gay marriage because it is gay marriage, that is homophobia. "

On February 1, 2014, Panti Bliss gave a speech at the Abbey Theater in Dublin, referring to the incident and again taking a stand against homophobia. A recording of the speech posted on Youtube received more than 200,000 views in the first two days.

Fintan O'Toole, columnist and critic for the Irish Times and for several years for the New York Daily News , described the speech as “the most eloquent Irish speech” in almost 200 years. Numerous journalists, authors, actors, musicians and other cultural workers supported Panti Bliss and agreed with her statements; including Dan Savage , Madonna , Stephen Fry , RuPaul , Graham Norton and other celebrities. As a result, T-shirts with the imprint "I'm on Team Panti" were sold; The sales proceeds of over 10,000 euros benefited LGBT young people. As a sign of protest, numerous viewers wore the T-shirts in a live broadcast by RTÉ. In March 2014, the Pet Shop Boys published a video as a sign of solidarity in which they underscored the speech with their music and a collage of images showing homophobia.


  • 2005: sprint! Sister! Spurt!
  • 2007: In These Shoes
  • 2007: All Dolled Up
  • 2009: A Woman In Progress
  • 2014: High Heels in Low Places


  • 2015: The Queen of Ireland


  • 2014: Woman in the Making: A memoir (Hachette Books Ireland).


  • 2009: "Business Person of the Year" - Gay and Lesbian Awards
  • 2010: "Best Blog Post" - Irish Blog Awards
  • 2014: Attitude's Editor's Special Award - Attitude Magazine Awards
  • 2014: "Award for contribution to Irish society" - People of the Year Awards
  • 2015: "James Joyce Award" from the Literary and Historical Society of University College Dublin
  • 2015: Honorary Degree from Trinity College Dublin for services to LGBT rights and marriage opening

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