Partija ujedinjenih penzionera Srbije

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The Partija ujedinjenih penzionera Srbije ( Serbian - Cyrillic Партија уједињених пензионера Србије , German: Party of the United Pensioners of Serbia ) is a party in Serbia .

The party was officially registered on May 10, 2005. The party leader is Jovan Krkobabić . The party took part for the first time in 2007 in a list connection with the Socialist Party of Serbia and United Serbia in the parliamentary elections in Serbia. In 2008 she won five seats with the same list link.

Election results

Election results parliamentary elections
year Seats coalition represented in parliament
2007 0/250 Coalition with the SDP No
2008 5/250 Coalition with SPS & JS Government participation
2012 12/250 Coalition with SPS & JS Government participation
2014 12/250 Coalition with SPS & JS opposition
2016 9/250 Coalition around the SNS yes, supportive of the government

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