Nova Srbija

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Nova Srbija ( NS ), in German New Serbia ( Serbian : Нова Србија ), is a right-wing party in Serbia .

It was founded in 1997 by some members of the Serbian Renewal Movement party .

The chairman of the party is Velimir Ilić .

In the elections in October 2000, the party won eight seats in parliament in the alliance of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia .

In 2003 she competed in elections in alliance with the Serbian Renewal Movement party, from which she emerged, and won 9 seats.

In the elections in January 2007, she formed a coalition with the Democratic Party of Serbia . The coalition won 47 seats in parliament and formed the government with the Democratic Party (DS) and the G17 Plus party until May 2008 . After the 2008 election , it was no longer enough to form a government; the party went into opposition.

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