Pavel Petrovich Chistyakov

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Giovannina, sitting on the windowsill (1864)
Portrait of Chistyakov by Valentin Alexandrovich Serov (1881)

Pavel Chistyakov ( Russian Павел Петрович Чистяков , scientific. Transliteration Pavel Petrovich Čistjakov ; born June 23, jul. / 5. July  1832 greg. In Prudy, Tver province ; † 11. November 1919 in Detskoje Selo , today Saint Petersburg ) was a Russian painter and educator . He was particularly noticeable in the field of history painting , the portrait painting as well as a painter of genre pictures a name.

He received his first training in a hiking school. However, his father, who himself had a very simple background, attached great importance to a good education for his son. In 1849 , Chistyakov entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts , where he studied at PW Basin. During the time at the Academy he was among others awarded several medals for the picture The Patriarch Hermogenes at dusk ( Патриарх Гермоген в темнице ) and for the image of the Grand Duchess Sofia Witorowna at the wedding of Grand Duke Vasily Temnij ( Великая княгиня Софья Витовтовна на свадьбе великого князя Василия Темного ). From 1860 to 1864 he taught at the drawing school of the Petersburg Society for the Promotion of Applied Arts .

In 1863 he left Russia, visited Germany and worked in Paris and Rome . In 1879 he returned to Saint Petersburg , where he was awarded the degree of academic. This was done in recognition of his works abroad, The Beggars in Rome (Римский нищий), The Head of Chuchara ( Голова чучарки ) and The French Preparing for a Public Ball ( Француз, собирающнйся на плч ).

From 1872 he taught at the Petersburg Art Academy. In 1892 he was appointed a member of the academic council and became a professor at the art college. From 1908 to 1910 he headed the master class and from 1890 to 1912 the mosaic department .

His most important students were Viktor Michailowitsch Wasnezow , Michail Alexandrowitsch Wrubel , Wassili Dmitrijewitsch Polenow , Ilja Jefimowitsch Repin , Valentin Alexandrowitsch Serow and Vasili Ivanovich Surikow .

Tschistjakow died on November 11, 1919 in what is now the city of Pushkin .

Chistyakov played a significant role in the development of realism in Russian art in the second half of the 19th century . Most of his works can now be seen in the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum .

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