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Peter Naumann

Peter Naumann (* 1952 in Wiesbaden ) is a right-wing extremist politician and former terrorist . From January 2007 to December 31, 2008 he worked for the NPD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament as a parliamentary advisor. Prior to this, he worked as a personal advisor for the former member of the NPD parliamentary group, Klaus Menzel , MdL, from whom he distanced himself several times.

Party career

Peter Naumann has been active in the right-wing extremist spectrum since 1970. At the age of 18 he joined the Young National Democrats (JN), the youth organization of the NPD . In 1972 he became JN chairman in Wiesbaden, in 1973 a member of the JN's federal executive committee and in 1976 deputy federal chairman. From 1975 he belonged to the National Democratic University Association (NHB). In 1977 he appeared as a JN representative at an event of the “New National Europe”. From 1981 to 1984 he acted as acting chairman of the NPD district association Wiesbaden and in 1984 as deputy chairman of the NPD district association Wiesbaden. During this time he appeared as a speaker at various right-wing extremist organizations, circles and working groups, for example in 1985 at the “Kurpfälzer Treff” in Weinheim . In 1985 he founded the " Völkischer Bund " (VB) or the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Nationaler Verband / Völkischer Bund", which is a. a. had made the task of " freeing Germany from foreign racial influences ". The VB organized conspiratorially organized training courses and solstice celebrations and distributed neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda in its own mail order . He particularly addressed young people in order to train them militarily and in terms of content. At the same time Naumann was deputy chairman of the NPD in Wiesbaden. The post office box used by the VB as a contact address belonged to the district association of the Wiesbaden NPD. In connection with his arrest in 1987, the NPD leadership expelled him from the party for terrorist activities.

After his release from prison, he was immediately active again in the right-wing extremist scene and reactivated the “Völkischer Bund” dispatch of materials. This developed into a kind of internal opposition in the NPD, to which the radical sections of the NPD belonged, who did not agree with the “legalistic” line of the party leadership around Martin Mußgnug at the time. This also includes the Hessian NPD state chairman Hans Schmidt, at the time friends with Naumann and also from Wiesbaden. Naumann also established contacts with the Nationalist Front (NF), the New Front (GdNF), the “ People Loyal Extra-Parliamentary Opposition ” (VAPO), the Wiking Youth (WJ), etc.

Naumann appears nationwide as a speaker at right-wing extremist rallies, marches and other events of the NPD / JN and the free comradeship scene . B. at the JN federal congress in Klingenberg in Lower Franconia on April 10, 1999, at the 30th anniversary of the JN in Eggenfelden on March 13, 1999 and at an NPD demonstration in Helmut Kohl's home Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim in January 2000. For the In 1999 he held an event with the ex-RAF terrorist Horst Mahler, “Kameradschaft Karlsruhe” . But Naumann was also present as a speaker with the Republicans . B. in January 1998 at the party congress of the republican district association Werra-Meißner on the subject of "Multicultural Why?"

In 1999 Naumann was investigated for incitement to hatred for producing and distributing anti-Semitic posters on which the “rich Jews” were held responsible for the intervention of NATO troops in Yugoslavia. He himself admitted responsibility for these posters to the Swiss “ Jüdischer Rundschau ”.

Naumann initially worked for the NPD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament as a personal advisor to the MP Klaus-Jürgen Menzel , who was expelled from the parliamentary group in November 2006. Together with them and with the help of militant neo-Nazis from the environment of the Skinheads Saxon Switzerland (SSS), he repeatedly attacked events against right-wing extremism in Dresden. As a result, on June 16, 2005, there was a street battle between antifa activists and neo-Nazis in Dresden's Neustadt district. From January 2007 Naumann worked for the NPD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament as a parliamentary advisor. On November 11, 2008 there was a fight in the Dresden state parliament between Naumann and the NPD member Jürgen W. Gansel . As a result, Naumann was dismissed as an employee of the NPD parliamentary group. Despite the incident, Naumann is still active for the NPD. In the election campaign of the NPD for the Brandenburg state parliament in 2009, Naumann was photographed by an Antifa group doing campaign advertising in the Teltow-Fläming district with a loudspeaker truck with a Dresden license plate .

Terrorist activity

The graduate engineer specializing in chemistry and explosives expert attracted attention as early as 1974 with self-made explosive devices, when he seriously injured his hand while tinkering and a fireworker was killed after trying to defuse one of the explosive devices. In November 1975, during an argument at the University of Mainz while distributing the NHB leaflet “Deutscher Studentenanzeiger” , Naumann shot students with a gas pistol. On August 30, 1978, together with Heinz Lembke, he carried out an explosive attack on the Fosse Ardeatine memorial complex near Rome, which commemorates the shooting of 335 Italian civilian hostages by the SS in March 1944. In 1979, together with accomplices, he blew up two television masts in order to prevent the broadcast of the upcoming television series Holocaust - The Story of the White Family . Some 100,000 viewers were temporarily unable to receive a picture.

On October 26, 1981, several weapons depots set up by Lembke were excavated in the Lüneburg Heath . They contained 156 kg of explosives, 230 explosives, 50 bazookas, 258 hand grenades, 13,520 rounds of ammunition, 15 z. T. automatic firearms and large amounts of chemical substances. According to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, a Naumann fingerprint was found in one of these earth deposits. Together with Odfried Hepp and Walter Kexel , two members of the People's Socialist Movement in Germany (VSBD) , Naumann planned the violent liberation of Rudolf Heß from the Spandau war crimes prison in 1982 , but fell out with them, so that the plans remained unfulfilled. In the same year he was charged with founding a terrorist group and carrying out three bomb attacks. In 1983 charges were brought against the war criminals prison in Berlin-Spandau for planning a bomb attack. In 1985 the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office investigated him on suspicion of having carried out an explosive attack on the GDR border installations near Fulda in November 1979. However, the proceedings were terminated.

In October 1987, Naumann was arrested again, this time on suspicion of having intended bomb attacks on GDR border installations and on transmission and power poles in South Tyrol. Naumann was the Bundeskriminalamt and a Stasi - double agents heavily loaded, and almost ten years past deeds could now but still be punished. In October 1988, the State Security Senate of the Frankfurt / Main Higher Regional Court sentenced him to imprisonment of four years and six months, among other things for causing an explosive attack and arranging for explosive attacks in connection with the attacks on the memorial and the transmitter masts and for attempting to establish a terrorist attack Association and violation of the Arms and Explosives Act. During his detention he was looked after by the Aid Organization for National Political Prisoners and Their Relatives (HNG), for which Naumann worked as an author. After two thirds of the prison term, Naumann was released from prison and the remaining sentence was suspended.

During a house search on March 2, 1995 by officials of the LKA and the BKA, two pipe bombs were found again in his bogus residence in Wiesbaden and the main residence in Frielendorf. The reason for the search was the "dissemination of propaganda by anti-constitutional organizations". As part of a “Declaration of Combative Nonviolence” in August 1995, he postulated the target “Out of resignation! Forward to a new offensive of combative nonviolence ”. Shortly thereafter, Naumann disclosed 13 weapons and explosives depots to the Federal Criminal Police Office and a traveling TV team from the ARD magazine “Panorama”, which, according to his own statements, had mostly been set up in the early 1980s. A total of 27 kilograms of the highly explosive TNT explosive (trinitrotoluene) were seized.

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