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Horse and cart in Carinthia (1963)

A horse-drawn cart is a horse-drawn two-axle vehicle ( wagon ) used to transport people or goods. The - simple - horse-drawn carriage differs from the carriage in that it lacks suspension or a hood . A single axle vehicle drawn by one or more horses is a horse cart .


In Europe, the horse-drawn wagon broke in the Middle Ages pulled by oxen carts , while bullock carts in many rural areas, particularly in Asia, remains an important means of transport are. In the countries of the Third World, horse-drawn carts and horse-drawn carts are still widespread and are mainly used in agricultural production.

The number or tension of horses led to proper names in the carriage industry such as single , pair , troika , four-in-hand , four-in-hand , six-in-hand.

For a long time it was handcrafted by the wheelwright (= Wagner).

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